Corporate Trust

Our role involves coordinating different financial transactions between businesses and investors, diligently ensuring that the terms and conditions of the trust agreement are followed to protect the interests of all parties involved. With us as your reliable corporate trust partner, you can have peace of mind as we handle these transactions with precision.

Corporate Bond

We serve as Trustees for the issuing of corporate bonds and private notes, offering our experience in managing debenture trusts in consortium financing, syndicated lending, project financing, and structured finance transactions.

Mortgage Trust

Our Mortgage Trust operates as an investment account where money is deposited and managed by a trustee to produce a rate of return. It invests in mortgage securities or pooled mortgage investment instruments.

Employee Share Ownership Trusts

By establishing a Trust account, we make it easier for businesses to buy and distribute shares to their employees, protecting the employees’ interests as shareholders and allowing companies to sell shares to their staff.

Security Trust

As trustees, we manage and safeguard the trust’s assets for the benefit of the beneficiaries, adhering to legal requirements, and ensuring proper distribution of assets according to the trust agreement.

Custodial Trust

In our role as Trustee, we provide secure custody of our clients’ important assets and securities, protecting them from loss or theft both physically and digitally.

Debenture Trust

We serve as corporate trustees for services like loan syndication, consortium lending, issuing corporate bonds, and securitization. In addition to retaining security over charged assets, we are also responsible for securing physical ownership records, keeping an eye on issuer responsibilities, and safeguarding investor interests.