Private Trust

We offer private trust services to our clients with a focus on professional wealth management, wealth preservation, and investor services—assets are acquired or eliminated in accordance with the clients’ wishes.

Services include: Will writing, Trusteeship/Executorship, Administration of Estates, Living Trust, Education Trust, and general Estate Planning.

Estate Planning

They are carefully considered plans that takes care of you (Settlor) and your loved ones (Desired Beneficiaries) in the event of becoming incapacitated and/or upon death. It contains detailed instructions for easy transfer of assets to beneficiaries in the most effective and hassle-free manner. There are two tools through which this can be achieved:


A Will is a crucial legal document that outlines how an individual’s estate will be managed and care for beneficiaries, including minor children, after his/her demise. Having a Will helps avoid family conflicts and allows clients’ wishes to be carried out, while the absence of a Will may result in court cases, money, and emotional burden for beneficiaries. With a Will in place, beneficiaries can access assets easily, avoiding the rigorous procedures required in the absence of a Will.

Living Trust

This form of trust is established while the person is still living. In this case, the Trust’s settlor assigns a Trustee who has been chosen to handle his legal rights in an asset. This technique makes it simple to transfer assets without having to go through the probate process.

Education Trust

Our Education Trust product is designed to help parents/guardians provide funding for the education of their children. The Education Trust is set up and invested in line with your risk appetite to generate healthy returns. This makes it easy for you to settle fees as well as other costs that may arise during your child’s education and plan for their future. This trust package helps you guarantee the future of your children’s education even in times of uncertainties.