Education Trust

Our Education Trust product is designed to help parents/guardians provide funding for the education of their children. The Education Trust is set up and invested in line with your risk appetite to generate healthy returns. This makes it easy for you to settle fees as well as other costs that may arise during the course of your child’s education and plan for their future. This trust package helps you guarantee the future of your children’s education even in times of uncertainties

This is a trust set up for the primary purpose of ensuring every wish of the settlor as regards education, welfare, health, and leisure (travel) of their beneficiary is realized.

With Education Trust, every parent/guardian can ensure they give the best to their children/ward.

The benefits include:

  • Product is available both in Naira and Dollar denominations. 
  • Funds or School fees to be paid directly to schools or any other third party at the request of the Settlor to prevent the diversion of funds and ensure the object of the Trust is utilized in accordance with the Trust Agreement.
  • The Trust Fund is professionally managed to generate returns.
  • Professional advice on the adequacy of pre-funding towards achieving uninterrupted education and welfare in any event.