Greenwich Investment Club

Greenwich investment Club is a distinct thrift society created by Greenwich Trustees with a collective objective of growing the personal savings of the employees of companies while offering valuable investment advice. We believe that having a personal savings habit is the right step to building wealth, leading to a sound financial future.

Product Features

  • There are four categories of Investments available to suit every pocket size:
    Category of Membership and Monthly Contribution
    Silver ₦30,000
  • Maintaining investment for minimum tenor of one year will earn attractive interest rate.
  • Interest is earned daily with accrued interest paid at the anniversary of each investment into the client’s designated account. There is an option to re-invest interest payable, at the discretion of the investor.
  • All Investors are entitled to quarterly statements and would be given online access to view their investments at their own convenience. Investors are also entitled to quarterly newsletters with information on wealth management.
  • Withdrawals are restricted to four times a year.
  • Penalty for withdrawals that exceed four times per year shall be calculated at a rate not to exceed 50% of the total interest earned on such investment.

Benefits of Greenwich Investment Club

  • Members will be entitled to receiving loans of up to 150% of their contribution subject to one-year uninterrupted contribution @ 15% per annum. For a loan to be awarded, a member must be guaranteed by another member with sufficient funds.
  • Contribution can serve as collateral on loans given by designated banks: The incidental cost of providing such a benefit will be borne by the borrower.
  • Return on investment is higher than what members earn on an individual basis.
  • To reward savings efforts, a raffle draw will be held annually whereby winners picked at the draw would be entitled to gifts.
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