Public Trust

This type of trust is established for the benefit of the community, not just one or two people. Therefore, it is our responsibility as Trustees to uphold the public’s trust.


We act as Trustees for government-issued bonds and notes. We hold security in trust on behalf of the parties involved, keep tabs on the parties’ compliance with their commitments, guarantee that bond interest payments and principal repayments are made on schedule, and defend the bondholders’ interests if the issuer makes a mistake.

Additionally, while taking proactive measures to minimize the loss of investor money, we manage sinking funds to produce competitive returns and guarantee prompt payment of coupon and principal repayments to bondholders and noteholders, respectively.


The Trustee’s primary responsibility is to always safeguard the interests of unitholders and to see that any scheme’s assets are managed in line with the terms of the trust deed. Any arrangement about property of any kind with the aim of enabling the participant to enjoy income or profits resulting from the purchase, holding, management, or sale of the property is referred to as a collective investment scheme.


A mutual fund is a specific kind of professionally managed investment fund that collects money from various investors to buy securities like stocks, bonds, money market instruments, and similar assets.